Use Social Media to Impact Events

Apr 18

Whether you are planning a networking event, a music festival, or a gala, you can’t achieve true success without the use of strategic social media marketing. Social media not only helps to spread the word about your event and encourage more attendees, but it also provides a new and useful platform to establish a long-term, constantly evolving relationship with your attendees. The possibilities offered by social media can sometimes feel overwhelming, so these tips can help you direct your actions to be more purposeful and results-oriented.


Engage the Guests… and Future Guests!
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms are all about posting content that will engage other users and ultimately encourage interactions like replies, shares, and likes. One of the most effective ways to actively engage your viewers is to provide them with a method to control and steer the event. For example, you can use online campaigns to ask for feedback and suggestions, or leave a portion of the programming selection completely up to attendees. The best Tampa event planners know how to use social this way.

Generate Interest
What better way to create true interest in your event than intriguing and attention-getting social media content? Ask some of your speakers and guests to make simple teaser videos, and start offering free admission or registration in contents that spark conversation.

Become a Hashtag
Some people love using hashtags and others avoid them like the plague, but in terms of your event a hashtag is a necessity. Choose a hashtag that is simultaneously clever and descriptive: the shorter, the better. Use the hashtag to generate excitement leading up the event, and then open your event with an unofficial “Tweet-Up” to get everybody motivated to share more throughout the event.

There’s no denying that social media offers a host of opportunities to draw extra attention to your team building tampa event, improve your participant turnout, and really make a name for yourself. All it takes is a few strategic posts and tweets!

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