How to Handle Being Laid Off

Mar 12

laid offBeing laid off is a difficult and frightening experience that can happen to just about anybody. From the steel mill worker who relies upon his 40 hours a week to the healthcare executive whose company decided to downsize, a layoff is never easy. There is a certain way to handle the experience that can help you rebound as quickly as possible and find yourself in a better position to be hired in the near future.


Before you hit the road, do everything you can to negotiate a sustainable severance package with your now ex-employer. Since layoffs are often caused by budgetary issues, many employers feel bad and want to help if possible. They may agree to portray the layoff as a voluntary departure to future employers while still telling the government it was a layoff so you can collect unemployment benefits until your next job begins.

Human Resource departments may also be willing to provide outplacement help to pay for assistance from a Fort Lauderdale staffing service or career placing agency. Be honest with your ex-employer about your need for support, and you may be surprised at what you can receive.

Don’t Blab

Social media and texting makes it all too easy to let the world know about your pain, but it’s really best to restrict your news to your closest friends and family members in the few days that follow your layoff. Take time to consider the news and spin it in a positive light to others. That way, at the next family reunion, you can explain that you decided to move on in a different direction for a more fulfilling career opportunity, rather than dealing with the story of your layoff.

Think About the Future

Now that your old job is not an option for you, you have a unique Tampa job employment opportunity to consider whether you want to continue down the same career path or make a change. Perhaps your layoff occurred during a time when you were feeling discontent with your job anyway. Make lemonade from your lemons and pursue a new career path that will be more rewarding. When in doubt, turn to the expertise of a Sarasota staffing agency to help you find your way.


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